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Lightroom Presets - North Coast Complete

£35.00 GBP

This bundle contains 33 of my most frequently used presets and is something I've gradually been tweaking for months. Finally, I'm now satisfied with the results and consistency and wanted to share the fruits of my labour. Usually I find that a few minor adjustments to the exposure and warmth/tint are all I need and I'm good to go! You can see a gallery of before vs after images using this bundle here.

With this download comes a set of instructions. The files are in a compressed .zip format and once decompressed then will be .xmp, ready for importing into Lightroom. They work with the app, desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom and they all work off an adobe's in-built profiles.

What do you get?

- 20 day-to-day colour presets, including a variety of mute, contrast, shadow and bright variations. I've tried and tested them on landscapes, urban and portrait work and can safely say they're a very versatile bunch.

- 2 black and white presets: one that produces a classic, softer and film-like look and one that is a bit more daring, with higher contrast and darker, flatter blacks. I find the latter works brilliantly with silhouettes and light leaks.

- 11 low light (LL) colour specialist presets. From experience, a low light situation can be a tricky beast indeed, so learn from my trial and error and why not have a go with these? I've made these with everything from golden hour, dusk to under the stars in mind.

The images on this page are a little snippet of these presets in action. If you're after Lightroom editing tutorials, you'll find an ever-expanding range on my instagram page. A large portion of the images on this website and on my instagram page use these presets. 

I'd encourage anyone to make these presets their own. Use them as a base, edit them, make them your own and use them to make your own presets for your own needs. 

Above all, experiment, be creative and enjoy the process.

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