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I've had the absolute pleasure to photograph some supremely talented, hardworking and professional individuals, be they poets, graphic designers, artists or florists. I absolutely love the process of meeting someone and working together to faithfully represent them and their talents and businesses in photographic form. 

I think that as a photographer, my images should be my interpretation of the person in front of me but that this is something that runs far deeper than just aesthetics. I love exploring the their relationship with their craft, their 'why' and their passion. 

To take truly reflective photography is to tread the balance between providing an environment that is both comfortable but also a little challenging and probing. I have found that this approach truly allows the spirit to be captured. 

Have a look below at the most recent images for a selection of truly impressive people across the South West. If you like what you see, by all means please contact me to start a conversation.