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 It was living in North Devon that inspired me to spend my first pay check 7 years ago on a camera and start documenting the beauty that is the South West. 

From there, my path led me to start thinking about how we as humans experience the landscape around us, both physically and emotionally.

I'm also partial to long distance running, swimming, cycling, but for my day job, I'm a doctor specialising in psychiatry. My job has led me to live all over the country and the world for several years but as of August 2022, I'm firmly settled back in North Devon.

For me, the natural overlap of medicine and photography is emotion and human reaction.


My Work

I specialise in landscapes and your special occasions in my own style. My focus is on showcasing your relationship with the outdoors, be this at a wedding, engagement, elopement or close family gathering.

I shoot all events myself and hand edit each photo. I aim for each photo to be a story of what it felt like to be in that moment at that time. Think: natural, authentic and deeply personal. 

Is there a particular hobby or passion you have that brings you closer to the outdoors? Be it surfing, hiking, camping, cycling or long romantic walks on the beach, I relish the opportunity to create something truly representative of your relationship with the outdoors and your partner or family. 

Nothing about life is staged, so why should photos be any different? 



Have a wedding, engagement or family gathering coming up, or just want something for personal bespoke use?

Contact me here. I love getting to know my clients and thinking about how we represent you most authentically and naturally on camera.

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