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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

What events can I book you for?

I cover weddings, elopement, engagements, families, gatherings, and have done some work for clients’ personal websites. 

What's included?

For all events I offer meetings and discussions beforehand and will work with you to produce a mood board of ideas. I work in a mixture of black and white and colour and will provide all photographs as one of each.

For an engagement shoot I provide at least 100 hand edited digital images shared with you directly, a password-accessible gallery on this website and a turnaround time of 2 weeks.

For weddings, it’s upwards of 500 edited digital images, a password-accessible gallery on this website so you can share with friends and family (with unlimited downloads to the high-resolution images), a turn around time of a maximum of 4 weeks and sneak previews of around 10 images within one week. I also make a downloadable and sharable photofilm of the day - for an example see this page.

For all events I also use a Polaroid camera and film so that you can have some precious memories to take away home the same day and stick on the fridge! If there are some willing helpers around on the day (I'm thinking young bridesmaids and page boys) then all the better and they can help with this too. 

How much do you charge?

Charging very much depends on what exactly you’d like and I can be very flexible in how I work. As a rough guide, for a 2 hour engagement shoot it's around £120 and for full wedding day (around 12 hours) from getting ready to the party, it's around £1000. If you're after around half a day's coverage, or somewhere in-between, contact me and we'll work something out.

Why not contact me to arrange a meeting to get to know you and talk about how exactly you best want to remember your special day?

Do you travel for events?

Yes. I'm personally based in Appledore, North Devon but I’m more than happy to travel within the UK to help you celebrate and can arrange the finer points with you personally. If we set a date you can be assured of my time and availability.

What's in your camera bag?

I’m glad you asked!

I shoot with a Fujifilm XT-4 and the following Fuji prime lenses: 52mm f1.4, 23mm f2 and a 16mm f1.4

Other bits and bobs include a Godox flash, MagMod Sphere and Bounce flash adapters, a DJI Magic Mini 2 drone and a selection of diffusion filters and coloured flash gels.

Are you insured?

Of course. I have both professional indemnity and public liability insurance. 

What's your photography and editing style?

Put simply: what did it feel like to be in that moment at that time? 

Representing you and the moment in the most artistic and faithful way is to me, what photography is all about. I’ve lost count of the number of times people have told me they feel awkward when posing, they feel shy, or how wedding photos all look the same.

I’m less about traditional posing, angles and compositions, and more about the liminal moments in between. There I find that personality, emotion and a certain truth really shine through. There are, however, a number of group shots that most people want to have - this is absolutely fine and it's one of the things I go through beforehand with you to make sure you're happy.

What kind of editing can I expect? Do you photoshop?

I use Adobe Lightroom for my workflow and editing process. I produce upwards of 500 images from a full wedding day and edit each photo in colour and black and white. I use Photoshop and Topaz Labs to finish off a minority of images. I'm able to edit out a fire escape sign on the wall, for example, or mark on the floor, but things like body shape enhancements, facial touch-ups and re-working aren't something I can offer.

Is your photography just a hobby?

I make no secret that I do have a day job - I’m a doctor - but passionately feel this is only a strength, both to my approach and commitment. I only commit to events I feel I can give my undivided attention and time to. I split my working week between photography and being a doctor to ensure there's time enough for both. Plus, what better way to have years of practice of problem solving and working under pressure! 

I’ve spent my career understanding and working with people. My personal approach and photography style reflect this vantage point. 

I’m able to give myself time to carefully edit each photo individually and to offer consideration with you as to the style you’d like. My turn around time is generally shorter than most, too.

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