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Lightroom Presets - Creative Stills

£20.00 GBP

My favourite creative Lightroom presets together in one bundle! I've developed these especially for the more challenging shooting conditions - nighttime, harsh lighting, gloomy days and making aerial shots really shine.

I use these all the time when editing my own work and often find I only really need to then tweak the white balance and exposure and occasionally use masking to achieve a certain look. 

Have a look here to see some examples of the presets in action.

In this bundle, you get:

Il Pleut - inspired by afternoon wanderings around Strasbourg. With paired down and slightly desaturated colours, reduced clarity and a moody vibe for when you see a whole palette of colour even on the greyest of days!

Delicate B&W - now this is B&W with a difference! Think soft, creamy and other-worldly. A true creative look. If like me you prefer your B&W to be truly that rather than shades of grey, this is the look for you.

Bruges - perfect for night photography when you don't want to go B&W! This preset creates a soft, ethereal glow to your images, making harsh lighting a little more subtle and really creates a cosy, warm vibe.

Carnaby Street - Fireworks? Christmas lights? Are you struggling to capture colours at night that aren't just yellow? With a high contrast, desaturated yellows and unflattened tone curve, this preset really accentuates the whole rainbow of colour.

Cool Dry Sunset - works great with drone footage in particular - think high contrast to really make those aerial images pop. Also works really well with those sunset images taken at blue hour that need brightening up a little.

Salzberg Sunset - for those high contrast sunset images. This preset warms up your  images, picks out lost details and balances contrast...all whilst adding a glowing painterly feel.

Included is an instruction document for installation to the classic and cloud-based versions of Lightroom.

Plus, coming original North Coast preset bundle of the presets I use most on an everyday basis.

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